Geography & Climate

Greece is located on the southeastern edge of Europe, the point where Europe, Asia and Africa are connected. It borders on the northwest with Albania, north with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Bulgaria, and on the east with Turkey. On the east there is the Aegean Sea, on the west the Ionian Sea and south the Mediterranean.

The country has a total area of 131.957 km2, and is divided into three basic sections: 

-the mainland section, which is the largest part of the country,

-the Peloponnese, which is connected to the mainland section through the Isthmus of Corinth and

-the approximately 6,000 large and small islands that are scattered throughout the sea area of the country.

Greece has 13,676 km of coastline, of which about half is at the islands, while the area of its mountainous territories is the 77,9% of the country, something that makes it the most mountainous country of the European Union, together with Austria.