Personal Data Protection

The acceptance of the terms of use of explicitly implies the policy of personal data protection, as it is presented and updated here. More specifically:

Member Registration

Provided that the visitor/user wishes to be registered to the service(s) of he agrees to: a) provide true, valid and complete information regarding the data required by in the relevant applications for access to its content/services and b) maintains and updates his registration data so that they are true, accurate, valid, updated and complete. These are: full name, email address.

Data Processing

The above or any other data of personal character that the users notify to the Archdiocese of Athens during their registration as members and the submission of electronic applications will be kept in a file according to the provisions of Law 2472/1997 “regarding the protection of the individual from the processing of data of personal character”. With the submission of the application for member registration and its data the user consents that the Archdiocese of Athens will process the data for the objectives of his application. In any case the user has the right to update and access his personal data and is entitled to make written objections regarding the use of the data, according to articles 11 and 13 of the above law.

Member Account

The website provides to his users member services, after accepting the terms of use of this website and completing the process for entering their data. As soon as the visitor/user completes the registration process that has been determined by he will receive a confirmation of a personal password and username that he will define himself. The members remain exclusively responsible for all actions carried out under the personal password, the username and their account in general. The members agree that they will notify immediately for any non-authorized use of their account and any committed or/and possible security violation. Furthermore, the members are exclusively responsible for the careful use of their account and their standard exit from their account when they stop using the service (Logout). The website is not responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from the inability of the members to respect and follow this specific term.

Specific obligations and responsibilities of the users

It is mutually accepted and understandable that, although the website provides to its users/members the necessary technological infrastructure and the means for uploading/publishing content, all the information, data, texts, photos, graphics, images, music files, videos, messages and the whole content, either uploaded publicly or transferred privately, remains in the exclusive responsibility of the natural or legal entity from where the content came. This means that the user/member is exclusively responsible for all the content he uploads, publishes, sends, transfers or makes available in any other way through the services of The website is not possible, due to its size, to check all the content that is uploaded by its users/members to the services of the website, so it cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity, legality, or the quality of such content.

The user/member understands and accepts that and its responsible associates maintain the right (not the obligation) of the exclusive choice to deny uploading /publishing or moving or deleting any content that is available through its services. In addition, the website and its responsible associates maintain the right to delete any content violates the present terms of use.

The user/member accepts that in case he is exposed to content is offensive, immoral or illegal, using the services of the website cannot be considered responsible. The same holds true for any error or omissions in any content or for any damage or injury that might result from the use of any content that is uploaded, sent, transferred or made available in any other way by the users/members at its services using the services of In case that the website receives a notification that any such content causes moral or any kind of damage to a third person it maintains the right to proceed to the immediate deletion of this content and at the same time discontinue the account of the user/member who violates the terms of the present document.

The user/member understands and accepts the international nature of the internet and is committed to respect and uphold faithfully the local rules of ethics of each country. More specifically, the user/member is committed to following the legislation that has to do with the transmission of data from Greece and Europe to third countries.


The user/member understands and accepts that maintains the exclusive right to terminate the use of his password(s) to the services or/and discontinue the access of the content to the users/members if it ascertains that they have violated the terms of use.