Health & Safety

The visitors who come from states-members of the European Union should have the European Health Card or any other legal European document, which can be issued by the relevant insurance institutiom in the country of origin and based on which it covers part or all hospitalization expenses.

In these cases, the necessary hospital care takes place from:

- the Health Units or the infirmaries in various areas

- the Regional Infirmaries or the Health Centres of the National Healthcare System

- the Outpatient Clinics of Hospitals.

Visitors from countries of origin that are not members of the European Union should consult their insurance institution before travelling.

Emergency telephone numbers

  • National Emergency Aid Centre (ambulances): 166
  • Hospitals & Clinics: 14944
  • Pharmacies: 1434
  • Poison Centre: (+30) 210 7793777
  • Police: 100
  • European Emergency Telephone Number: 112
  • Fire Department: 199
  • Tourist Police: 171
  • Hellenic Coast Guard: 108