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Hiking at the Valley of the Butterflies

A location of exceptional natural beauty in the island of Paros is the Valley of the Butterflies, at the area of Psychopiana. The lush vegetation of this place certainly comes in direct contrast with the archetypal image that everyone has of the Cyclades and for this reason alone it is imperative to visit it. Thousand butterflies cover the tree trunks and create a spectacle that delights both the eyes and the soulwith its peace and beauty. The hiker is certain to enjoy his walk through the well looked after stone paths, with numerous signs pointing to the correct direction, while probably the swarms of butterflies will fly in front of his eyes, revealing the beautiful colors of their wings.At the same area you can find the former cenobitic, now idiorrhythmic, Monastery of the Transfiguration of Christ, also known as "Christ in the Woods", with the impressive church of Agios Arsenios, patron saint of the island.


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