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Church of Agios Nektarios

The church of Agios Nektarios dominates in the centre of the settlement of Agios Konstantinos, which was previously named Kamariza, and was the centre of the mining activity in Lavrio, both during antiquity and in modern times.

It was founded by the archimandrite Nektarios Vitalis, in memory of the time that Agios Nektarios passed through this area. Its construction started in 1966 and from 1972 it has functioned as a Holy Pilgrimage, attracting crowds of people from all over Greece. Architecturally it is cross-in-square with a dome and follows the Byzantine order. Many outbuildings and chapels have been added to it. It celebrates on November 9th, day of death of Agios Nektarios, and on September 3rd, day of the translation of his relics.




9 November, 3 September

Holy Metropolis: 
Mesogeia and Lavreotiki

Agios Konstantinos - Kamariza 195 00

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