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Monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin Kechrovouni (Monastery of the Lady of the Angels)

At the village Arnados one can visit the impressive Monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin or Lady of the Angels at Kechrovouni.

This impressive, both due to its size and beauty, Monastery was founded in the 10th century and resembles a Cycladic settlement, with the paved alleys and its arches. Its founders were three daughters of a wealthy family who according to tradition saw in a vision Virgin Mary showing them the location for the construction of the monastery. It was here that Sister Pelagia (later saint) envisioned the location of the miraculous icon of Evangelismos (Annunciation), which is kept today at the church of Panagia of Tinos. As a matter of fact, in honor of the Saint, every year on July 23rd, the day of her celebration, the miraculous icon is transported to the monastery, mass follows and then it returns to Chora with a majestic procession.

Today there are about 50 nuns to the monastery.



10th century

23 July

Holy Metropolis: 
Syros, Tinos, Andros, Kea and Milos

Kechrovouni Tinos 84200

With a car, about 15' from Chora.

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