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Coordinates: 40.518514, 22.200024

Tribune of Apostle Paul

Apostle Paul left while he was pursued by the fanatic Jews of Thessaloniki together with his disciple Silas in 49 AD. Passing through the fertile areas of Central Macedonia he arrived at Veria, where a lot of people lived at that time, since he had been informed that he had an active Jewish synagogue. The Jews of his city were well-behaved and listened to his sermon with interest. However, his sworn enemies from Thessaloniki were informed of his activities and so, once again, the Apostle was forced to flee the city.

The tribune (bema) where he addressed the believers has been shaped rather impressively and numerous religious events take place here, with the most important one being the “Pavleia” in June.



29th of June

Holy Metropolis: 
Veria and Naousa

Mavromichali 59100

Access to People with Special Needs: 

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