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Coordinates: 37.970859, 23.729451

Church Agios Dimitrios Plaka (Chapel)

On the southeastern foothills of Plaka, at a small distance from the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates and on Epimenidou Str., is located the church of Agios Dimitrios, more widely known also as the Chapel [‘Parakklisi’]. This is the chapel of the church of the Agios Nikolaos Rangavas, which, according to evidence, was erected at the outset, approximately, of the 1600s. In all probability, the chapel was renovated in 1724, with the assistance of eminent families of Athens, such as the ones of Michail Fokas, Angelos Benizelos and Dimitrios Kavathas. To this assumption we were led by the votive plaque, which was found at the southern side of the church and, more specifically, in the garden of the Chapel. The relief of this plaque, represents an owl which bears at its head a cross, while one discerns the acronyms ΙΣ-ΧΣ-ΝΙ-ΚΑ [Jesus Christ is Victorious] and ΑΨΚΛ 1724 in its four corners. The undisputed information which originates from this finding pertains to both the date and the reference to the aforenamed families of the city of Athens. Originally, this was a twin–naved barrel–vaulted basilica. Later, the church will expand to the west with the addition of a single–naved chapel, dedicated to Saint Eleftherios, with a lean–to tile roof at its southern side. In our times, the visitor can discern, northern to the original aisle, the later formulated chapel, dedicated to Saint Anne, while at the western side now looms also a double–light bell tower. Last, we must note that, according to unverified records, Athanasios Diakos has served as deacon at the ‘Parakklision’.



Address: Epimenidou

Date: 1600

Period: Byzantine

Celebrates: October 26

Holy Metropolis: Holy Archdiocese of Athens

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